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Our Work

Sharing of Our Survivors

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2021 and unfortunately the COVID-19 in February 2022. The side effects of chemotherapy and the symptoms of the COVID-19 not only made me sleepless, but added up my worry of the adverse impact of COVID-19 on my cancer treatments. Thanks to the timely support of the medical staff and volunteers of the HKBCF which made me not alone on my road to recovery.”

Ms. Wong Sai Ying

Breast cancer survivor

“Going through cancer can be an isolating experience. I certainly discovered my own strength and resilience. Keeping positive was the single most important weapon in my arsenal. I also found great support through the professional nurses at HKBCF especially while dealing with post-treatment lymphoedema. Breast cancer does not have to be the end; it can be the beginning of a new stronger you.”

Ms. Niru Vishwanath

Breast cancer survivor

Our Work


We promote public awareness of breast cancer and the importance of breast health

Breast Health

We provide breast screening and diagnostic follow-up services

Patient Support

We support breast cancer patients on their road to recovery

Research and Advocacy

We collect the data of breast cancer patients, provide vital report on analysis and insights, and advocate better breast cancer care in Hong Kong